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actually know how it works on the website under know how it works . . .

The website doesn't really tell how it works. Does it encrypt your data? Or does it hide and block your data when running windows . . . If I run Linux is the data open? If for some reason the computer crashed and I had to access the data on another windows machine could I run the free trial, put in the password on the other machine and access the information on the hard drive? And what's up with saying that a cd rom drive or dvd drive is required for installation? The program itself is very easy to use but the information given on the website doesn't till the user with confidence. What kind of system drag does this program have? In all there needs to be more information so that we can have reasonable expectations. And it might be smart to manage the customer's expectations. Be nicer if it were portable too. But its very easy to use . . .thanks for supporting giveawayoftheday.

c1oudrs , 12.05.2011, 07:40
Idea status: under consideration


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